Megan Dang - "Memory" by Andrew Lloyd Webber

    Thank you, Mike, and the entire team at QTD Military Style Learning Academy. The youngsters are just wonderful.

    And speaking of wonderful youngsters, we will invite back to the stage the wonderful young lady who sang the National Anthem for us. She is a member of

    The Virtuosos Russian Music Academy (or VRMA). VRMA is found by Tuong Van Nguyen in 1996 for students of all ages and nationalities with programs for all music lovers. Its goal is to provide the very best in musical instructions. It has been named #1 music school in Southern California and #1 music school in Little Saigon by the Better Business Bureau.

    Now, let’s bring back Megan Dang – performing “Memory” by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

    Jefferson Doan - "O Sole Mio" by Frank Sinatra

    Next is another special performance by another young student from VRMA. VRMA provides a welcoming but challenging environment designed to foster innovation and creativity while helping each student achieve professional excellence. As a result, this young man has already excelled in many competitions with his unique voice and stage presence.

    Let’s enjoy the classic "'O Sole Mio" (or “My Own Sunshine”) written in 1898 by Giovanni Capurro and composed by Eduardo di Capua and performed today by Jefferson Doan!

    Ms. Van Nguyen, Megan Dang, and Jefferson Do

    Ms. Van Nguyen, Megan Dang, Jefferson Do, Ms. Lena Nguyen and Ms. Lena's spouse

    Ms. Van Nguyen and Ms. Lena Nguyen

    Ms. Van VRMA Founder and Ms Teresa entertainment director for the DVA's

    DVA Host Mr. Derrick Nguyen, VRMA Schol of Music Founder Ms. Van, LSTV Co-founder Ms. Mai Nguyen and DVA Event Organizer Ms. Ngoc Trinh

    VRMA School of Music Enjoying the DVA awards where VRM were honored as guest performers

    VRMA school of music director Mr. Randy with students and performers Megan Dang and Jefferson Doan

    Future councilman Mr. Thai Do and VRMA school of music founder Ms. Van Nguyen

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