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Joel Santos, although young, has already begun to make a name for himself as an up and coming musician. He has established himself as a versatile composer, willing to learn and grow, while meeting the precise need of others. His music has been performed not only in America, but in Germany as well, where he studied under critically acclaimed composers Olga Magidenko and David Philip Hefti. Besides composition, Joel is an avid conductor who has led multiple ensembles, and studied under Bob Feller and Timothy Schwarz. Being a skilled performer is also essential, so Joel has vigorously studied voice (baritone) under Tyler Thompson, Dr. Gerald Seminatore, WinfridMikus (Principle Tenor in the Heidelberg Opera), and Metropolitan Opera Star, Richard Zeller. It is incredibly important to Joel that he uses his talents not only for himself, but also for others, which has led him to teaching. Written and Aural Theory are his specialty, having both taught privately and in classroom settings for over five years.A native to Huntington Beach, CA, Joel Santos received his Bachelor of Music in Music Composition from BIOLA University. While at BIOLA, he studied under Dr. Robert Denham, Alex Lu, Christopher Wills, and prestigious film composer and orchestrator, Mike Watts. After completing school, Joel began working for Bear McCreary and his company, Sparks and Shadows, on such shows as The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD, Outlander, the new God of War game, and several feature films. Along with several films and video games, Joel has scored a feature length documentary for Walt Disney Imagineering Executive Producer, Bob Zalk titled "The Art of Growing Up" (currently in Post-Production). This film highlights the benefits and necessity of the mentor/mentee relationship, and why the arts are such an essential part of young person's developmental stage of life.


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